Rethinking Redemption Revitalizing Our Relationship

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“Reading this book has put me on the right track. Pastor Sanchez knows how to make sense of all that was confusing to me about the Old and New Testaments.”

Ben Talley, Bentonville, Arkansas

“I hadn’t experienced much of God’s excellent timing until I read this book. It is a gem worth sharing.”

Mark Tracey, San Jose, California

“I used to think I already knew the story of redemption, but this book has proved otherwise. It was a great read.”

Michael M. Marshall, Maumee, Ohio

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About the Book

In Rethinking Redemption, Pastor Steve Sanchez offers fresh new insight as he gives an understanding of the Bible in relation to Jesus’s coming and all that happened before. He enumerates the long and painful years of people’s separation and reconciliation with God until He sent His Son to reconnect the bond between God and Man. The book seeks to reveal what is true—both in the scriptures and in documented history.

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About the Author

Rev. Steve Sanchez was born in Barstow California in 1959. In his life he has been through many ups and downs, and gained much life experience. He changed professions at mid life, attending seminary at the Pacific School of Religion and receiving a Masters of Divinity. He was a chaplain intern at Kaiser and received 4.5 units of Clinical Pastoral Education with the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy. He currently works as a full time hospice chaplain and has been doing so for the last 7 years. He has a successful blog at He has been a student of Emanuel Swedenborg and the integration of psychology and religion for many years. He also composes and sings spiritual music. He previously published a book entitled ‘Spiritual Perversion’, which is about his experience in the cult and recovery from it.

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How can we fully appreciate the redemption Jesus performed unless we understand from what we were redeemed? The extent and nature of the evil and darkness Jesus overcame is not sufficiently known in the Christian world. The reason that the story of Jesus is the “greatest story ever told” is that Jesus performed the greatest use that ever was and ever will be; and this story is real story.

The basic story, in short, is known by the Christian world: The Lord was born on Earth to set all things into order. He is the Hero of Heroes. If we think about it, it is a common sense realization that there must have been an enormously important need for God to be born on earth when He did. What is not so well known is that before He could incarnate there was a long, painstaking process of preparation that had to take place.

It is a pattern of cosmic history that all the churches begin in inspiration and then decline as evil accumulates. This results in a dire separation between God and Man and in a cosmic loss of equilibrium between heaven and hell.

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