Rethinking Redemption Revitalizing Our Relationship


Man’s Experience of Hell

Steve Sanchez February 15, 2018

Malina reveals the dynamics of how the society was consumed in the art of manipulation and thus spiritually vacuous. Malina writes, “The people in our period perceived God, gods, and their agents—spirits, demons, angels—as necessary to maintain equilibrium.”


Looking at Swedenborg’s description of hell in the spiritual world gives us insight to the cause of what is happen . . .

Everything You Need to Know about the Second Coming

Steve Sanchez February 13, 2018

Swedenborg on the Second Coming and its relationship to freedom in life and beyond


The Second Coming is a big subject, but I will try to boil it down so that one can see how it is that the Second Coming has already happened.

As in the times of both Noah and the incarnation, the Second Coming is a time of imbalance in the equilibrium between he . . .


The Eternal Nature of the Bible

Steve Sanchez February 8, 2018

God’s Word lives on for all eternity



What proceeds from God is divine and eternal, and when it is performed in the material world becomes correspondences. This is why the Bible exists and why it will always exist. It is the material manifestation of divine truth, and the divine truth—in all its manifestations—is eternal by nature. . . .

John the Baptist

The Greatest Born of Woman: John the Baptist and His Mission

Steve Sanchez February 6, 2018

Why John the Baptist is very important to Christianity


The Captives

The theme of the captives that were released from the false heavens is described in many places in the Word, but perhaps nowhere better than in the parable of the wheat and the chaff. The parable describes how an enemy sows chaff (weeds) with the wheat, which is where cha . . .

The Shroud of Turin

Steve Sanchez February 1, 2018

Unlock the remarkable mysteries of the Shroud of Turin


The burst of light at the resurrection is a climax of union. It is the culmination of the glorification process. This can give us great insight into the nature of the resurrection and the extraordinary markings on the cloth.


Fanti theorizes that the reason the shroud has the qual . . .